A Friendly Face at Ulta

Usually girls at any make-up counter are really busy with customers, trying to match skin tones for foundation or helping someone find the perfect eyebrow product. On my last visit to Ulta I found the most amazing soul, she was super friendly, helpful and energetic. In life we don’t always come across people who wake up every morning ecstatic to get up and go to work but on my visit I found someone who does! Her name is Articca Diane Hairston and this is her story.A Friendly Face at Ulta

Check this Video out:




She was this excited to see me.


Oh! so this is what heaven looks like!


Eyebrows must be perfect!


Spray ! Spray! Spray! This stuff works wonders!


Mentor turned friend .


When benefit drops a new line !


Girl please! I am FABULOUS!


You can never have to much highlight.


I want them ALL!!!

Patricia Castro Walks us Through Her Journey  

By: Tiffany Alcaraz 

 At age 14 Patricia fell in love with makeup. She recalled buying really cheap makeup and practicing different looks after her parents went to sleep. Now almost a decade later she has grown and nurtured her love into a profitable business that allows her to do what she loves. However getting to where she is now has been a long time coming.       

From her enthusiasm you wouldn’t know it but just a short while ago Patricia had given up doing makeup altogether. At that time she couldn’t see a career in makeup as a realistic possibility. She marks this as one of her biggest regrets. “If I could tell my tell myself something at fourteen it would be to not stop expressing myself because I found such joy in makeup. Other people started in 2008, when the market wasn’t saturated with beauty. I could have been a pioneer. I could have had more opportunities.”

Before she decided to put all of her efforts into cosmetology, Patricia worked several different jobs. It wasn’t until 2014 when she finally realized makeup was what she wanted to do. “I wanted to be my own boss and not have to listen to anyone else.” She quit her job, took out a five hundred dollar credit card and took the plunge. “I was broke, so broke for a while I did not turn a profit. 

 Working out of her office in Redondo Beach, California, Patricia meets with clients and does make up for events every weekend. But back in 2014, when she was still trying to get noticed, she said she would have one client every two months. One of her biggest problems was an empty portfolio when it came to weddings. Potential clients wanted to look at her work but she had no photos because she never booked any weddings. To solve this problem she created her own wedding. Patricia put her friend in a wedding dress, did her makeup, and had her pose as a bride. She still uses these photos to show her clients.    

One of her favorite things about doing makeup is becoming friends with her clients. “I love talking with them and making my clients feel so beautiful.” Some of her proudest moments include being published in three magazines and doing the makeup for a BuzzFeed video.
When it comes to advice she says that she believes, “There are no rules. You can do whatever makes you comfortable but professionally speaking, foundation that matches your skin is crucial.” She feels very passionate in advising women against attempting the contour look on their own.” Don’t go overboard on contour. Don’t go too light or too dark.” Rather she suggests sticking with closer colors. 

Another common mistake is just covering up problem areas instead of correcting the problem. The under eye bag is a great example of this. Most women do not know that there are different color concealers like purple and green. Using these “corrector concealers” before your regular concealer makes a world of difference. Patricia says she is currently obsessed with watching Desimakeup and Nikkie Tutorials. When it comes to trends she said she is really in love with the thick eyebrow look. However, she noted that it is okay to appreciate trends but do not be influenced because style might change. You can find Patricia Castro on Instagram at @patriciacastromakeup

Get ready with Me! 

I woke up like this ! So this morning I figured I document my steps on how I apply my foundation and “bake” my face. Baking is a fabulous trick we stole from the Drag queen world ! I don’t bake everyday because I simply don’t have that luxury of time everyday but it is a wonderful way to keep your concealer in place . At this point I only have on my face :

-Nivea after shave balm (sensitive skin )

-Too Face Hangover X primer

-Mario badescu under eye cream

Nivea After shave balm ( sensitive skin )  is a recent addition to my routine but let me tell y’all , I love it ! It has Glycerin which helps make up adhere better to your skin and last longer .

Don’t mind my eyebrows and eyelashes application details for those  will be on a future post, I applied my Fit me foundation with foundation brush and pushed it into my skin with my Beauty Blender (it needs a desperate wash) .

Voila! There we have it out foundation is on ! Now on to the fun part contouring .

I love contouring it gives me life ! Since my most  self-conscious  part of my face  is my forehead I apply more product onto that portion, I use LA Girl pro conceal in the color chestnut . Now beware once this product dries it is really hard to blend . I was distracted taking pictures that mine dried out a bit and was super hard to blend . No worries, I spraied a little fix plus all over my face and ta-da!

Quick note : they face I am making has a purpose , when I was learning how to apply creame contour this is how I learned . I sucked in my cheeks  in order to feel my cheek bone and apply my liquid contour right under that line .

After I blend I conceal and highlight , as you can see I love to conceal my under eyes , bacause I have such trouble sleeping I have terrible bags under my eyes ! So I pack it on.  I use my beauty blender the pointy part to blend blend.

This  is after in blend it out .

Now we move on to baking! I use: NYC translucent loose powder and apply it with a wedge sponge I got at CVS . I allow for the powder to sit meanwhile I set my contour . To set my face I use my Stay Matt Powder in my shade .
 To set my contour I use the Kat Von D  Shade And Light pallete.

I brushed off the excess product and used the same baking technique to clean up my contour .

I applied my favorite lipstick and brushed off the excess product , blended out any harsh lines with a clean Real Techniques stippling brush and there you have it I am ready for my day .

Coffee and Sugar Scrub DIY

All the ingredients for this DIY are things you can find in your pantry and if you don’t want to waste your precious coffee beans that is okay! Just use the coffee grounds from your morning coffee pot just make sure they are completely dried.


DIY Coffee Scrub

1 cup of Coffee grounds

1 cup of Granulated Sugar

½ cup of Olive Oil

½ cup of Avocado Oil

1 tablespoon of Cinnamon



  • Exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin
  • Tightens the skin
  • Brightens the skin, if you have dull skin this will give you an amazing glow
  • Reduces eye puffiness, when applied to the skin it constricts the blood vessels

under the skin and help reduce swelling

Olive oil:

  • Is packed with anti-aging antioxidants and hydrating squalene, making it one of the holy grail oils for hair, skin and nails.

Avocado Oil:

  • Avocado oil is rich in antioxidants, making it useful for healing sun-damaged skin.
  • Helps relieve dry and itchy skin.
  • When applied increases production of collagen, this helps keep the skin plump and decreases the effects of aging.


  • Plumps Skin
  • Acne Treatment


  • Sugar small Particles make an excellent exfoliant, used in a scrub it removes dead surface skin and reveals the glowing, healthy-looking skin underneath.