Get ready with Me! 

I woke up like this ! So this morning I figured I document my steps on how I apply my foundation and “bake” my face. Baking is a fabulous trick we stole from the Drag queen world ! I don’t bake everyday because I simply don’t have that luxury of time everyday but it is a wonderful way to keep your concealer in place . At this point I only have on my face :

-Nivea after shave balm (sensitive skin )

-Too Face Hangover X primer

-Mario badescu under eye cream

Nivea After shave balm ( sensitive skin )  is a recent addition to my routine but let me tell y’all , I love it ! It has Glycerin which helps make up adhere better to your skin and last longer .

Don’t mind my eyebrows and eyelashes application details for those  will be on a future post, I applied my Fit me foundation with foundation brush and pushed it into my skin with my Beauty Blender (it needs a desperate wash) .

Voila! There we have it out foundation is on ! Now on to the fun part contouring .

I love contouring it gives me life ! Since my most  self-conscious  part of my face  is my forehead I apply more product onto that portion, I use LA Girl pro conceal in the color chestnut . Now beware once this product dries it is really hard to blend . I was distracted taking pictures that mine dried out a bit and was super hard to blend . No worries, I spraied a little fix plus all over my face and ta-da!

Quick note : they face I am making has a purpose , when I was learning how to apply creame contour this is how I learned . I sucked in my cheeks  in order to feel my cheek bone and apply my liquid contour right under that line .

After I blend I conceal and highlight , as you can see I love to conceal my under eyes , bacause I have such trouble sleeping I have terrible bags under my eyes ! So I pack it on.  I use my beauty blender the pointy part to blend blend.

This  is after in blend it out .

Now we move on to baking! I use: NYC translucent loose powder and apply it with a wedge sponge I got at CVS . I allow for the powder to sit meanwhile I set my contour . To set my face I use my Stay Matt Powder in my shade .
 To set my contour I use the Kat Von D  Shade And Light pallete.

I brushed off the excess product and used the same baking technique to clean up my contour .

I applied my favorite lipstick and brushed off the excess product , blended out any harsh lines with a clean Real Techniques stippling brush and there you have it I am ready for my day .

16 thoughts on “Get ready with Me! 

  1. myrna

    I loved this tutorial on “baking”!! I have been having trouble doing it and your steps and explanations were extremely helpful! They were simply, fun, and easy to follow! Thank you so much BEAUTYBYJO!!😊😊


  2. giomshe

    Great step by step tutorial on baking and contouring. The pictures are lively and warm, it makes me feel I have known this make-up artist for years. The clear steps and warm demeanor adds confidence to trying the baking method. Thank you Beauty by Jo!


  3. barcology

    Awesome step-by-step makeup tutorial! I’ve never knew how to contour properly but this tutorial definitely has helped me improve my technique. You should do more makeup tutorials. Please do one on fake eyelashes and eyebrows!!!


  4. Yesenia Quinonez

    So that’s how you use the NYC translucent loose powder… I’ve never knew how to use it. Thank you for the clarification and the awesome makeup tutorial. My contouring is 1000x better now! I even got compliments at work today 🙂


  5. Melissa

    Thank you for this great tutorial! Half the time I am lost in the make-up world but I was so excited to see my results after following these steps.
    Again, Thanks! 🤗


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