There is two types of people in this world there are those who are born with impeccable skin and those who are not as fortunate and are cursed with acne prone skin.

My name is Johanna and I am part of Team B, acne prone gal.

Let’s back track ten years ( I am currently 22) you do the math . At twelve years old I had a bully, for the sake of my sanity we won’t mention her name, she was a so called friend who would depict everything I wore and did . I hated my self I hated the way I looked, when you are constantly reminded everyday you are not good enough or pretty enough it slowly shatters your soul I hated school, I awaited that final bell. Like any story mine had a happy ending I graduated middle school.

Yet the shattered soul and the self esteem issues remained, every time I saw my self in the mirror or in a picture I saw the flaws that bully pointed out just like an episode of botched. I constantly questioned why l wasn’t pretty enough or why I had a big forehead, I had no magic fairy to make it all go away so I took matters into my own hands. I went to the only alternative I knew could help, make up and skin care. I figured in order to have flawless make up I needed to have a decent completion, mind you I was going through the dreaded stage in life called “puberty”.  I started my mini little girl DIY’s I asked my mom what recipes she used back in her day to maintain good skin I remember her first recipe she ever gave me was to mix honey and oatmeal, honey being earths natural treatment for acne and oatmeal to help moisturize the skin. I did this DIY every saturday morning for 3 months I started seeing results I figured I was on to something.

Fast Forward a decade later I love skin care DIY’s and make up. I can’t completely tell you my self esteem issues are completely out the door and on a lifetime vacation, we all have issues with our skin and appearance but somewhere along the line I figure what the hell!!! I can’t change who I am or how I look. This is me and I will be the best version of me I can be.

I love make up and organic skin care products because I find them fun, it’s a pass time that I enjoy and if I can show you something you did not know before even better. I am BEAUTIFUL!!! You are Beautiful and don’t let no one else tell you any different.




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